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Alojz Klimo

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(*1922 PiešŁany- † 2000, Bratislava)

painter, printmaker, illustrator

1941 - 1945 - graduated from the Technical University in Bratislava (Department of Drawing and Painting (Prof. M. Schurmann, prof. G. Mallý)
1948 - graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Prof. J. Bauch, prof. A. Pelc)

Author builds on the tradition and aesthetics of neoplasticism and De Stijl. He began as a first slovak artist with a reduction of picture areas to basic geometrical forms. He is considered to be an establishing personality of geometrical constructivism in Slovakia. In the late 60´s author appointed square, circle and rectangle the basic structural elements. That was also the time, when his most important and notable works have been created. It meant completing the process of reduction. Color is also very important for works of Alojz Klimo.

His works are represented in the galleries and private collections in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. He has exhibited since 1945, and his work has appeared in more than 100 collective exhibitions around the world (Hungary, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, USA, Sweden, Cuba). He has received several national and international awards.


Selection of individual exhibitions:

1995 Brno, Moravská galerie: Alojz Klimo - mażba
1993 Selb, Rosenthal - Theater: Mażba a grafika
1993 Norimberg, Galerie in Zabo: Kontrast – Alojz Klimo, Peter KżúŔik – Malerei und Graphik aus Bratislava
1992 Viede˛, letisko Schwechat: Okná (obrazy)
1992 Bratislava, Galéria Kleibl: Obrazy
1991 Bratislava, Galéria Palisády: Kresby a mażby
1986 Bratislava, Sie˛ Laca Novomeského: Výber z tvorby
1969 Praha, Nová sí˛: Obrazy a sochy (s Vierou Kraicovou a Rudolfom Uhrom)
1968 Bratislava, Mestská galéria: Obrazy
1961 Varšava, ╚s. kultúrne stredisko: Mażba – grafika – socha (s Vladímírom Kompánkom), reprízy v Štetíne, Gda˛sku a Poznani


Selection of collective exhibitions:

1993 Brusel, Identité d´Aujourd´hui, Identity Today
1991 Vienna, Galéria Mitte: Alternatives of Geometry
1991 Rome, From the grotesque to the magic - Contemporary czechoslovak graphics
1987 Havana, Mexico: Czechoslovak graphics from collections of Slovak National Gallery
1984 Budapest, Contemporary slovak graphics
1984 London, Slovak illustrations
1962 Moskow, Contemporary czechoslovak fine arts
1960 Venice, XXX. Biennial
1954 Bratislava, Three years of Slovak National Gallery: Additions of the Slovak arts for the years 1951 - 1954
1947 Brno, Slovak exhibition of modern art in the formation of the members of the Group of Artists of August 29

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