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Vladimír Gažovič

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(*1939, Bratislava)

painter, printmaker, illustrator, lecturer

1954 - 1958 study at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava
1961 - 1967 Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts, Department of graphics and book illustrations (prof. V. Hložník)
1969 - won a scholarship Herder Prize - attended the annual scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Prof. M. Melcher)
1979 internship at the Academy in Amsterdam

His work is based on the heritage of Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Surrealism and the latest artistic tendencies. Even during the study, he tended to fantastic realism, but he moved Slovak imaginative graphics into new contexts. Plasticity became an important expressive element which he uses mainly for modelling the figures. Gažovič connects his usage of a figure (notably women figure) with sarcasm and irony and this combination creates a distinctive atmosphere of his works.  He discloses hypocrisy, careerism and false chastity.

The beginning of his work author devoted to etching dominated by religious themes and from 1971 he experiments with colour lithographs. From the '70s to the present Gažovič examines the technological and expressive possibilities of this difficult technology, he discovers new approaches and improves his own mastery of hand printing. He also developed new possibilities for this technology.

He has won many awards at international exhibitions. Author exhibited individually, as well as in collective exhibitions. His works are represented in the collections of prestigious cultural institutions, even as in private collections home and abroad (for example in Amsterdam, Chicago, Hamburg, New York, Brussels, Krakow, Prague, Basel, Wisconsin, Vienna, Washington, Philadelphia, Tucson and more).


Selection of individual exhibitions:

1999 Bratislava, SNG: Vladimír Gažovič - Acupuncture of the World
1999 Budapest, Slovak Institute: Vladimír Gažovič - 99
1997 Prague, Gallery U Prstenu: Súvislosti
1997 Istanbul, Emlak Sanat Galerisi: Vladimir Gažovič – Katarína Vavrová
1995 Luxembourg, Edition Gallery: Vladimir Gažovič
1995 Antwerp, Galerie E. A.: Lithographs and Drawings
1988 Frankfurt am Oder, Junge Kunst Gallery: Vladimir Gažovič - Graphics
1987 Chicago, Jacques Baruch Gallery: Vladimir Gažovič
1986 Prague, Prague City Gallery: Carousel of life
1970 Vienna, Galerie Wolfrum: Vladimir Gažovič

Selection of group exhibitions:

1995 Bratislava, SNG, The Sixties in Slovak visual art
1994 California, Works on Paper
1972 Tokyo, The 8th International Biennale of Prints
1971 - 1987 Banska Bystrica, The Central Gallery: Contemporary Slovak Art (I - IX).
1967 Bratislava, Youth Gallery: 6 graduates

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