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¼udovít Fulla

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(* 1902, Ruzomberok - † 1980, Bratislava)
painter, graphic artist, illustrator, stage designer, pedagogue
1921 G. Mallý's private painting school in Bratislava
1922 - 1927 School of Applied Arts in Prague (Prof. A. Hoffbauer, Prof. F. Kysela)
The author dedicated to painting, graphics, illustration and scenography. He is one of the most important representatives of Slovak fine art of the 20th century. His work greatly influenced the birth of Slovak art modernism. He was interested in all the new artistic directions and in a unique way combining the influences of the European avant-garde painting with the Slovak folk art, from which the original and authentic art language was created. He created a shorthand abbreviation in vibrant colour. He was inspired mainly by the village environment, emphasising folkness and lyricism.
After getting acquainted with M. Galand, they started to form together the first manifesto of Slovak modern painting, in which they asked for an end to old artistic methods, which no longer have to offer new and freeing the way to new procedures and means of expression that corresponded to the changes and dynamics of the 20th century. He has exhibited in Bratislava, Košice, Žilina, Prague and Warsaw. In 1936 he was awarded a bronze medal for stage design at the Milan Triennial of Applied Arts and later won the Paris Grand Prix. He set up his personal gallery in Zilina. Given that the author has donated most of his most important works to the state and are represented in the collection of the Slovak National Gallery, there are usually only drawings, graphics and watercolours in private collections.
Selection from collective exhibitions:
1982 Bratislava, Slovak National Gallery
1966 Prague, National Gallery
1958 Brussels, EXPO'58
1957 São Paolo, Biennale
1937 Paris, World Exhibition
1935 Brussels, exhibition of world modern art
1934 Venice, Biennale
1924 Martin, Association of Slovak Artists

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