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Andrej Barčík

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(* 1928, Race - † 2004, Zilina)


painter, graphic artist, draftsman, creator of collages


1946 - arranging and decorating studies at the Private School of Decorative Arts in Prague

1948 - Listener at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (Department of Drawing and Painting under Prof. J. Mudroch)

1949 - 1950 - student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting at Prof. Ľ. Fulla)


In his work, the author focused on the poetry of everyday things, grouping objects through reduction and constructive resemblance to geometric shapes. In the first period of creation in the 60s, he focused on pastel still life. Later he continued to search for a simplified geometric shape with the use of the constructivist composition of images. The hint and reduction of the shapes that united the colour and shape became primary. We know his still life with bottles, targets and collage with playing cards. Barčík's work is based on geometric crystallization of shape and reduced colour, which he also used in graphics sheets.


The author was one of the co-founders of the Nicholas Galand Group (1957 - 1968). He dedicated himself to monumental creation, painting, drawing, collage and graphics. He attended several foreign trips, for example to Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Holland or the USA. In 1968 he won the Cyprian Majerník Award for his work.


Andrej Barčík's works are represented in collections of all Slovak state and public galleries. During his life, Barčík had several solo exhibitions at home and abroad (Moscow, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, Cologne, Palermo, San Marino, Mexico City and Berlin). However, the most important exhibitions of collective exhibitions are all the exhibitions of the Mikuláš Galanda Group.




Selection from individual exhibitions:


2006 Žilina (V. Hložník, A. Barčík)


1989 Bratislava


1989 Banská Bystrica


1984 Banska Bystrica, Zilina


1967 Bratislava (collages)


1966 Havana




Selection of group exhibitions:


1995 Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Zilina


1994 Budapest


1989 Banska Bystrica, XX. years of Slovak graphics


1981 Bratislava


1965 Rome, San Marino


1963 - São Paolo


1961 Paris


1960 London, Budapest


1959 Vienna, Moscow

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