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Marián Mudroch

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(*1945, Bratislava † 2019Bratislava)


photographer, glass artist, graphic artist, conceptual artist, pedagogue


1961 - 1965 - studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, Department of Commercial Photography

1965 - 1971 - studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (department of glass in architecture with V. Cígler, department of figural painting with Prof. J. Mudroch)

1973 - 1984 - a teacher at the Folk School of Art in Bratislava

1984 - a teacher at the School of Applied Arts


The author has been inclined to action art since the 1970s and has been involved in the collective activities of the Slovak alternative art scene. He collaborated with V. Kordoš, V. Jakubík and A. Mlynárčik.

In his work, the author devotes himself predominantly to the analytical exploration of graphics and drawings, in which he brings the meditative character associated with Eastern philosophies. Since 1980, Mudroch has been dealing with monochrome graphics and drawings in which he applies the black principle to black-shifting the focus of analytical research to the problem of intrinsic creation.

In the 1990s, he began using neon light and thematic darkness. In his works, light and darkness alternate in an ironic and universal sense, using different blacks and diversions. At the end of the 1990s, the author's works featured a drawing from the surface and materialised in real space.


Representation in collections (selection):

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

Bratislava City Gallery, Bratislava

Považská Gallery, Žilina

Central Slovakia Gallery, Banska Bystrica

National Gallery, Prague

First Slovak Investment Group, Bratislava

Gallery of Fine Arts, Ostrava

Kassak emlék museum, Budapest

Belgian Ministry of Culture, Brussels

Milan Dobeš Museum, Bratislava

Museum of Central and Eastern European Contemporary Art, Prague

Silesian National Museum, Katowice


Selection from individual exhibitions:

2004 Nové Zámky, Art Gallery: Silent towards the inside

1999 Banská Bystrica, State Gallery: Unstable Balance

1999 Bratislava, CC Center: Different and repeated

1996 Bratislava, UBS: Doubts Confessed

1995 Bratislava, Galéria Palisády: In open space

1994 Trencin, M. Bazovsky Gallery: M + M. Asymmetric symmetry.

1991 Sovinec, Castle: Graphics - Drawings

1989 Opava, Club of Silesian Theater Z. Nejedlý: Graphics

1987 Berlin, Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler: Bilder, Zeichnungen, Grafik, Glasskulpturen

1987 Bratislava, Entrance Hall ÚAK: Graphics

1982 Český Těšín, Foyer of the Tešín Theater: Graphics - Drawings

1979 Brno, Club of Education and Science B. Václavka: Graphics


Selection of group exhibitions:

2002 Bratislava, SNG: Art of Action

1999 Bratislava, SNG: Ad Laudem Artificis

1995 Žilina, PGU: ... before. Border crossing 1964 - 1971

1992 Bratislava, GMB: Pupil and Teacher Dialogue

1990 Žilina, Považská Gallery: A Dream of a Museum

1989 Banská Bystrica, State Gallery: 20 years of Slovak graphics

1987 Budapest, Kassel Emlekmuzeum: Hommage and Kassak

1987 Krakow, 11th International Biennial of Graphics

1985 Namure, Maison de la Culture: Identité - Minorites

1984 Prague, FOMA Exhibition Hall: Photographs on the Edge - Made by Bratislava Photographers

1983 Brno, House of Arts: Glass Sculpture - Contemporary Czechoslovak Art

1982 Žilina, Považská Gallery: 2nd Slovak Exhibition of Drawings

1980 Ostrava, House of Arts: Contemporary Slovak Graphic Art

1979 Olomouc, Regional Gallery: Slovak Graphic Art 1970 - 1978

1978 Bratislava, Youth Gallery: Young Bratislava Glassmakers

1975 Red Stone, SNG: Contemporary Slovak Glass

1973 Jablonec nad Nisou, 1st international exhibition of glass and porcelain

1971 Bratislava, Gallery MO ZSVU: Exhibition of Glass in Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design

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