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Tamara Kolenčíkova

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Tamara Kolenčíková (1955) was born in Bratislava. The creative atmosphere of her home and the focus of her parents - the artists, Tamara and Alojz Klimo, inspired her to study art. She studied at the Secondary School of Arts in Bratislava under Professor R. Fila (1970-1974), who led the students to determination, thinking and developing their own intellect. She continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Glass with Professor V. Cígler and A. Žačka (1974-1980). In her work, she devotes herself mainly to glass jewellery, colour graphics in serigraphy technique and also to drawings and illustrations. She draws inspiration for her graphics primarily from nature, creating works in abstract and geometric compositions. The determinants of Kolenčíková’s artistic expression are mainly the colour surface and the line. Most of the work is a compact, asymmetric shape with irregular and large-sized protrusions that act as a whole, but with a deep internal charge. Graphics composed mainly with grey and silver as the base of the colour scale, with blue, green, yellow, purple and white colouring. The shine of metallic colours, often topped by the intense tones of turquoise, red, and other dominant-sounding "chords" in flat shapes, evokes directly to reflect on what surrounds us today. For the author, it is also a response to times full of technological progress, an amount of information, and a memento over the loss of nature's tranquillity. Compositions with a lot of combined colours and shapes act as fine jewellery - objects that acquire different meanings from different points of view (as is the case with the aesthetic effect of glass). The author lets them communicate with each other in such a way that a continuous inner speech is created, in the final form embodied in a compact shape, which, despite the rationalised composition, is characterised by poetic tuning. The sensitive emotionality and high mental communicativeness of the author is achieved without psychologising figurative accents, she sensitively reduces the opticity of the verist grasp of reality in favour of her own imagination, suppressing the light - spatial disposition of the object or figure in the environment, although at least indicatively accentuates the relation to objective reality. The author's artwork is characterised by a rich linear raster, also a return to an eccentric ornamental rhythm, a hatching and a stricter network representing a vague environment with, for example, mysterious female heads that evoke the drawing transformations of prehistoric cultures. The author has been exhibiting independently since 1982 (Piešťany), further for example; 1983 - Bzenec; 1984, 1989, 1992, 1997 - Prague, 1988 - Levoca, 1990 - Budapest, 1991 - Trnava, Paris, Vienna; 1993 - Menningen, Selb (mostly with her husband V. Kolenčík), 2004 - Žilina, The work by Kolenčíková has been exhibited in more than 70 collective exhibitions and important international shows since 1981, such as 1982-Prague, Zilina, 1983-Banska Bystrica, Brno, Vienna; 1985-Budapest, Listowel, Cuba; 1986-Basel, 1988-Frechen. Her works are represented in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery and Galleries in Bratislava, Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Žilina, in many private collections in Slovakia and abroad. The author currently works as an external teacher of vocational subjects at the Private Secondary Art School of Design in Bratislava, where she also lives and works.

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