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Ivan Csudai

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Ivan Csudai (1959) was born in Svodovo - Želiezovce (Levice district), grew up in Komárno. In 1974 - 1978 he studied applied graphics at the Secondary School of Art Industry in Bratislava, he continued at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (1981 - 1987, Studio of Restoration, Prof. I. Meszárošová). After completing school education he devoted himself to restoration and painting (1987 - 1989). The author's early painting is connected with the generation entering the art scene in the second half of the 1980s and influenced by neoexpressionism (expressive painting). In paintings, drawings and graphics, he concentrated on the intimate vision of the outside world generalised by literature and music excursions (bass guitarist of the band with M. Burlas; later he published 6 author albums). In the years 1986-1987, the cycle Falsum was inspired by German family magazines from the beginning of the last century, period correspondence and scientific literature. Other cycles that define the initial neo-expressive phase are Obscenography and the Hunting Muscle of 1988 and express the metaphysical aspect of erotic and sex identity. In a later period in his period, a simple motif reduced to sight (expressiveness subsides purity and order) in his work. The author works with artworks (scenes) selected from the old encyclopaedia, which he mutates with the computer, and then paints them precisely and paints them (so-called reproduced reproduction, geometrisation, generalised language of abstracted characters, decadent deformation in places). Emotional expression of painting in the 1990s was replaced by formally arranged symbolism. The author's time still moves within the boundaries of personal mythology, which works in generally valid human stories and commentaries on them, in the visual form of graphically austere stylisation (eg Cycles: 9 Light Pieces, 1995 - 1996: the motive of death, vanity and emptiness) ; Cabinet of Tears, 1999; Year of the Bear, 2002 etc.). Csudai is the author of one of the most controversial figures of the Slovak painting Macík - Teddy, whom he turns into "iconic animals" in the Evolution cycle (2003-2004). Fragments of paintings seen at close range grow under the lamp into great detail - the image is macroscopically magnified. Although a substantial part of the author's work is tied to the medium of painting, some works are designed as wall or spatial installations (60/60 minutes, installation, 1993; Velvet, intarsia, 1994). Since the beginning, the author has devoted himself to graphics (screen printing, serial bibliophile, linocuts, author's prints). Since 1995, in connection with the use of a foreign model, it has been gaining a computer image processing, and the graphics have a different meaning (the Velvet 1996 calendar - computer-created serigraphy sheets). His graphic work is presented mainly at exhibitions of alternative graphics (mainly Digital image links and linocut) In 2005, he created dedicated digital vectors created by graphic prints at the Ostrava Symposium (Factory). Since 1986 he has exhibited independently, eg: 1986 - Kromněříž, 1987 - Bratislava, 1988 - Bratislava, 1989 - Brno, Bratislava; 1991 - Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, 1993 - Banska Bystrica, 1996 - SNG, Dunajska Streda ,; 1997 - Dolny Kubin, 1999 - Graz, 2000 - Kosice, 2001 - Budapest, 2002- Zilina, 2004 - Kosice, Bratislava; 2005 - Rome, Nitra; 2006 - Olomouc, Prague, Banska Bystrica; od r. 1983 group at home and abroad, eg: 1987 - Prague, 1988 Cadca, 1990 - Esslingen, 1991 - Copenhagen, Vienna, Lingen; 1992 - Ljubljana, 1993 - Klatovy, Madrid, Porec; 1994 - Zurich, Vienna; 1996 - Miskolc, Paris; 1997 - Brno, Ruzomberok; 1990 - Zakopane, Bratislava; 2000 - Halle, 2001 - Passau, 2003 - Banska Bystrica, 2004 - Trnava, Gyor; 2005 - Budapest, Prague; 2006 - Frankfurt, Banska Bystrica. In 1992, he took part in the Gateway - Europe in Portsmouth symposium, and a year later, he received a scholarship to the Artest and attended the BINZ 39 Foundation in Zurich. In 1993 and 1999 he won the Ex Aequo prize at XII. and XIV. years of the show Contemporary Slovak graphics in the state gallery in Banska Bystrica, in 2002 he also won the jury prize. In 2004 he represented the Slovak Republic at the International Contemporary Art Show in Sao Paulo (together with S. Diviš, L. Teren - Three of a Nice Couple). The author's works are represented in domestic and foreign collections (eg SNG - Bratislava, collection of SFVU - Bratislava, SG - Banská Bystrica, OG - Dolný Kubín, ZDF Zentrum Mainz, Municipal Museum of Art - Gyor). In 1990 - 2003 he also worked in graphic design (publications such as Modern Art of Slovakia, Barok, Timeless Visions). Since 1991 he has been working at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (first as assistant and assistant professor). Since 2001, he has also been running the 4th Department at the Department of Painting (professor since 2005). He lives and works in Bratislava.

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