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Peter Augustovič

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Peter Augustovic (1959) was born in Trnava. From 1975 to 1979 he studied at the Secondary Art School in Bratislava (Prof. G. Štrba). He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he graduated in 1985 at the Department of Graphics and Book Illustration as a pupil of prof. A. Brunovský. Along with his classmates graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the mid-1980s, Augustovič’s work was influenced by current artistic trends, such as the Italian Transavangard, the German movement Neue Wilde and the Czech group Stubborn. Artistic directions related to the philosophy of postmodernism were based on expressive artistic expression with elements of figurative structures and in sharp contrast to the abstract tendencies of world modernism. Thus, the author's work reflected not only the forms of expressive colour light effects but also the hyper-realistic images of real life, for example, in the graphics Sitting (combined gravure, 1988).

Already during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, he tended to paint as much as to graphic art. It can even be said that by experimenting in a combination of multiple gravure techniques he tried to overcome the differences between painting and graphics. He was able to create the illusion of paintings especially in the cycle Analysis of Triangle (combined gravure printing, 1997). In the mentioned graphic series, this technique became the basis for his creative asceticism processes of deconstruction. He perceived it as a structural element that can act in the micro or macrostructure. By perforating and otherwise disturbing the austere geometry of the system as such, an innovative approach has become the pop art principle of repetition of a particular motive and its multiplication into seemingly abstract images, either by the pattern of gestural or geometric abstraction. Contrary to the idea of pop art, which is more or less an exhibition of ordinary human life, the author used a post-modern citation element from important works of ancient art, whether Durerev's apocalyptic riders in the graphics Metamorphosis AD, (combined gravure, 1998) or from the abandoned sculpture Kidnap Sabínky from mannerist sculptor Adrien de Vries in metamorphosis. De V. (combined gravure printing, 1998). Last but not least, elements of op art appear in Augustinian's works. The optical illusion of these graphics, on the one hand, is based on Vasareli's pattern using geometric elements, on the other hand, on its own approach based on the aforementioned multiplication of parts of the cited works, for example in Laookon (combined gravure printing, 1995). From these aspects of P. Augustovic's work, it is clear that his works are based on a free combination of modernism and postmodernism. The author combines elements of post-geometrism with non-structuralism and the contradictory basis of these principles finally converged in the analytical process. Throughout his work he tries to solve the question of space, so on the surface (more pronounced in graphics than in painting), as well as in spatial objects. They also incorporate elements of structural painting and world effects of light and shadow contrast. Since 1993 he has worked as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Department of Graphics). The author has been exhibiting independently since 1990 (Bratislava), eg: 1991-Vienna, 1992-Bratislava, Delft (Netherlands), 1993-New York, Washington, 1994 - Lovran (Croatia), Pezinok, 2000 -Galanta, 2001 - Bratislava, Mosonymagyaróvár, 2003 - Bratislava, collectively since 1975 in domestic and international context, eg: 1990- Los Angeles, Vienna, 1991-Tokyo, Cadaques, Barcelona, Paris, 1992 - Honolulu, 1994 - Brussels, Athens, 1996 - Moscow, London, Buenos Aires, 1997 - Seattle, Gliwice, 1998 - Washington, Antwerp, Belgrade, Bethlehem, 1999 - Ottawa, Rio de Janeiro, New York, 2000 - Korea, Chamalieres (Fr.), Prague, 2003 - Cairo, Ankara Istanbul, 2004 - Rome, 2005 - Rome, Pretoria, 2006 - Antwerp, Krakow. He received many domestic and foreign awards for soya production, eg: 1991 - Le Prix de l'Athénée (Sint Niklaas), 1st Prize - International Exlibris Competition (Turin), 2nd Prize (Prague); 1992 - Prize Bartomeu Siglas (Barcelona), 1st Prize - Villa D’Este (Como), Honor medal - International Exlibris Competition (Genova); 1995 -Prize of the City Sint-Niklaas for engraving, 1997 -Monumentary Diploma-International Print Biennial (Varna); 1998 - Prize - 1st International Biennial "ST.George" (Albenga); 2000 - Menció - Exlibris in the 21st Century (Barcelona), 2003 - Tai-Masterpiece Award (Beijing, China), Sponsor’s Prize (Sofia); 2005 - Award Minister (Slovak Postage Stamp 2005); His works are part of major cultural institutions at home and abroad (especially galleries and museums), such as: Sint Niklaas (Belg.), Albenga (Tal.), Krakow (Pol.), Taiwan, Warsaw, Brunico (Tal.), Malbork (Pol.), Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Galanta, Author lives and works in Bratislava.

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