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Peter Kalmus

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Peter Kalmus (1953) was born in Piestany. From 1968 to 1969 he studied at the Secondary Industrial School in Svit, he continued at the Secondary Technical School of Transport in Košice (1969 - 1972), then at the Metallurgical Faculty of the Technical University in Košice (1971-1973) and at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology ( 2000-2002). The author's work is based on the context of an alternative scene and is characterised by a great deal of existential creativity. Between 1972 and 1975 he carried out several actions and experiments (mainly under the underground sphere) exploring the relationships of life and art. He has been actively engaged in visual arts since 1975, without significant research boundaries. Despite his form differentiation and many positions (dealing withdrawing, graphics, painting, action - performance, installation), he draws on a conceptual method of inducing ideas (work arises in the mind of the viewer) and post-conceptual concepts, using postmodern complications of various ideas from the history of art (Major Modernism, Rational - Constructive Line) and focuses on "spiritualising" statements by minimising inputs, interfering with material. Thus, he creates certain idea probes characterised by thought and artistic shortcut. At the beginning of the 1980s, he began to concentrate on a series of Corrosive Graphics, especially a series of monochrome, embossed paper (scratches, cutting, plucking, glueing, or matching) that poses the problem of "clean sensibility" ". In 1981 he took part in the centre of Kosice with a memorial to John Lennon, during which he was arrested by Public Security and interviewed by STB. Documentation from this event was part of the large international exhibition IMAGINE in Canada. On the basis of the paradox of "writing without words" skalds his scores - poems (1983-1995), which stylises into horizontal lines and merely modifies the slightest interference with the structure of the paper, he further develops in the Books (since 1984) projects that express their immanent spirituality energy as books without writing, the never-ending process of storing and deleting memory structures. Inspired by the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague (J. John and V Boštík's art project - the walls are described by the names of Czech Holocaust victims) and his own partly Jewish origin, he decided to create a memorial to the victims of the Slovak Holocaust. The symbolism of the work and its gradation lies in the yearly increase in the number of pebbles that have been collected and completed since 1978 (about 4000pcs per year), while the work is also a memento, a tribute to all Jewish victims (the composer and pianist Yevgeny Irshai composed the music for this monumental work) 1991 - Ex aequo Prize for Design for a Memorial to Removed Jews from Dunajská Streda). Since 1984 he has been working on the Pavučín program, in which he turns the spider webs and fixes them (so-called "drawing" by reality), in 1990 he transferred their enlarged details to the canvas in the Flowing Cycle 53 - 08 - 28/099. The author also works with ready-made, in 1982 he created a series of found old boards, imitating woodworm (the technique "man-worms") and complementing their geometric segments.

An important area of the author's work is the installations he has been working on since 1988 (eg Ekokvetinéče / Eco flowerbed). Many of them are non-transferable, created only for specific conditions (eg Remembering Malievich, Prešov, 1992), sometime he works with salt as its own creative material, "pure product" of mental activity (eg: Crossing the Salt Sea, Banská Bystrica (1992), elsewhere, for example, he links his direction to the clergy with the use of Christian symbols (Four states of soul I., Prešov, 1990; Letters of His Apostles, Bratislava, 1993; from Giott to Jeff, 1994, etc.) body, its parts (eg Laboratorium, Prešov, 1992). Another topic the author is working on is the exploration of the possibility of radically changing his identity with the help of cosmetic treatments (Transition Portraits, 2002) or his own cult of personality interpreted by children (Kalmus through the eyes of children, 198-2002). Since 1992, he has been a member of the Association C + S of Association 1992. From individual exhibitions, eg: 1989, 1992, 1993 - Košice; 1995 - Bratislava, Horný Smokovec, Banská Bystrica (together with Ľ.Stach and D. Štraus), Košice; 1997 - Bratislava, 1998 - Nove Zamky, Brno; 1999 - Ostrava, 2002 - Kosice; 2005 - Košice, Trnava, Slovakia Since 1981 he has participated in more than one hundred collective exhibitions (eg: 1981 - Calgary, 1991 - Medzilaborce, 1992 - Ostrava, 1993 - Poprad, 1996 - Košice, 1997 - Banská Bystrica (Alternative Slovak Graphic Art); participates in international exhibition symposiums and festivals of action art, the author lives and works in Piešťany, Košice and Bratislava.

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