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Otis Laubert

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Otis Laubert (1946) “collector and hunter”, a creator of collages, assemblages, objects and installations from found objects, is one of the most original figures of contemporary Slovak art. For many years (systematically devoted to creation after 1975) he collected real objects, old things that no one would "missing", recycled, cumulated, combined, combined into assemblies, based on which he created works of new associative significance.
Laubert's work is not only the result of a long-standing collecting passion, the composing and shaping of subtle, minuscule collections of the most ordinary objects found, unnecessary and discarded things. Above all, it is the result of the original interpretative act of vision and "creation" by which he was able to push the seemingly banal and unusable fragments of reality into the world of art, of course, without inspiration by Duchamp's Dadaist gesture. Although he accumulated them more in diffuse sets, often in cassettes (as if in the manner of albums, stamp collections, butterflies and the like), his work had the place of ac! , 1995; collector, 1996). Towards the 1990s and zero years, they were given a more spatial form, which was related to the fact that his work came from the underground not only to the light but also to museum and gallery institutions (Fluidum, Knoll Gallery, Budapest; Siločiara, 1992, SNG; Light of Things, Synagogue GJK, Trnava, 1996; This Year Baroque, GMB, Bratislava, 1998).

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