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Miloš Urbásek

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From 1958 to 1964 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Prof. P. Matejka and Prof. V. Hložník). In r. In 1960, together with E. Ovčáček, he founded and organized a group of Bratislava Confrontations (exhibitions 1961 - 1964), bringing unconventional methods of structural painting and graphics to Slovak fine arts.

In addition to domestic awards, he won the 1967 Folkwang - Presse in Essen and the 1969 Prix d 'Achat Biennale de Gravure, Ljubljana.

In 1969, he received an invitation from the Ford Foundation for a six-month study stay in the USA, which the Czech-Slovak authorities did not allow. He was one of the first in Slovakia to focus on the problem of geometric abstraction, the study of which became a long-term program of his work. In an original way, he worked with a layered collage and created works using the fly fishing technique. The subject of the research later became an enlarged print letter of the serif font and its fragments. He completed the analysis of the letter O reduced to a circle and its parts in monochrome and color series, enabling any composition of works into rhythmic dynamic surfaces. He used this experience several times to revive and artistically cultivate modern architecture. He experimented with new technologies - printing on acrylic glass and cast asphalt (1971 - courtyard of the Kunsthalle in Nuremberg).

Since 1978, he has studied the presence of light in geometrically structured layered color in pastels, paintings and drawings. He participated in numerous performances of his colleagues (with A. Mlynarčík) and the younger generation of artists.

From 1958 he lived and worked in Bratislava, dealing with painting, graphics, drawing, book illustration and graphic design, as well as monumental creation, creation of objects and multiples


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