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Peter Roller

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Peter Roller was born on July 7, 1948 in Bratislava in the family of photographer Ladislav Roller and Marta, born Čaplová, as the second of three sons (Ladislav, Peter, Anton). His father was a news photographer, and he also mapped the Slovak art scene in his photographs - artists and their works. Unfortunately, after his death in 1965, most of his work was irretrievably lost during the relocation. He spent his early childhood on what was then Stalin Square, today SNP Square. It is the most important square in Bratislava. As a child, he saw from the window everyday events, but also important events. After this square, he defined all May Day parades, military parades and could also watch the screening of films on the wall opposite the house. As a child, he played in the park by the statue of Jozef Vissarionovič Stalin. He urinated on the back of her plinth at the age of four and was caught in the act of the Public Security Authority, so the police were called at the time. His grandmother, who was there with him, saved him from persecution. He rejects the political motivation for this act today. The conscious influence of this event on the choice of his sculptural profession does not completely rule out. (source: publication Peter Roller, Ľubomír Longauer)
1963 - 1967 Secondary School of Art Industry, Bratislava, Department of Carving
1969 - 1975 Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Department of Figural Sculpture
1996 - habilitated as an associate professor
Curriculum vitae
Peter Roller is a native of Bratislava. He graduated from the Secondary School of the Art Industry in the years 1963 - 1967 in the carving department of Professors L. Korkoš and A. Drexler. From 1969 to 1975 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, he chose the department of figural sculpture under the leadership of prof. J. Kostka, doc. A. Trizuljak and prof. J. Kulicha.
He has been a member of the Gerulata Association since 1988. In 1992 he taught at the VŠVU and since 1996 he has been an apprentice at the VŠVU. Peter Roller also chairs the Lindabrunn Symposium Association in Austria, is the founder of the Nippon Club and served as its president from 1990 to 1998.
He specializes in monumental and chamber sculpture, drawing and graphics. Since 1976 he has been exhibiting at important exhibitions of Slovak art at home and abroad. He has participated in more than 40 international sculpture symposia around the world. Petr Roller's monumental works are in several places in Slovakia and abroad. He is represented by chamber works and drawings in collections in galleries and in private collections in Slovakia and abroad.
The focus of his work is working with stone. At present, however, he uses steel, stainless steel and is engaged in the creation of models of monumental objects.
1980 Prize for works created at symposia, Hungary
1989 ZSVU Award, Statue of Piešťany Parks
1991 Martin Benko Award
Participation in international sculpture symposia:
Hungary, Siklós: 1979, 1980, 1983
Japan, Hagi: 1981,1984
Austria, Lindabrunn: 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1998, 1999
Germany, Bad Durkheim: 1987
Yugoslavia, Portoroz Form Viva: 1987
USA, Burlington: 1990
Czech-Slovakia, Rusovce: 1992
Japan, Aio: 1992
Canada, Scarborough: 1994
Germany, Mayen, Lapidea: 1994
Norway, Lista Fyr: 1995
Slovakia, Osrblie: 1995,1996,1997,1998
Slovakia, Moravany n / Váhom: 1995
Slovakia, Galanta: 1995
Slovakia, Komárno: 1997,1998
Czech Republic, Hořice: 1999
Austria, Kaisersteinbruch: 1999
Slovakia, Devín: 1999
Czech Republic, Telč: 2001
Czech Republic, Praha: 2002
Slovakia, Veľký Šariš: 2002
Slovakia, Martin: 2003
Slovakia, Vyšné Ružbachy: 2003
Czech Republic, Český Krumlov: 2004
Slovenia, Lendava: 2004
Solo exhibitions (selection):
1980 C. Majerník Gallery, Bratislava
1989 Bratislava City Gallery, Pálffy Palace, Bratislava
1990 Ifjúsági House, Pécs, Hungary
1993 Spectrum Gallery, Memmingen, Germany
1997 Bratislava City Gallery, Pálffy Palace, Bratislava
1998 Gallery "Z", Bratislava
1998 Slovak National Gallery, Zvolen Castle, Zvolen
1999 East Slovak Gallery Košice
1999 M.A.Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín
1999 Slovak National Gallery, Vermes Villa, Dunajská Streda
2003 NOVA Gallery Bratislava
2004 MILLENIUM Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 BIBIANA, Bratislava
2004 LIMES Gallery, Komárno / with V.Kolenčík
Monumental works abroad:
Hungary - Villány, Pécs
Japan - Hagi and Aio
Austria - Lindabrunn, Baden, Kaisersteinbruch, Breitenfurt
Germany - Bad Durkheim, Mayen
Slovenia - Portorož, Lendava
USA - Burlington
Canada - Toronto, Scarborough
Czech Republic - Hořice, Praha, Telč

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