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Dezider Tóth (Monogramista T. D)

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*1947 Výčapy - Opatovce
1962 -  1966 High School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, Department of arranging and exposure (prof. Š. Schwartz, R. Fila)
1966 – 1972 Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Painting (prof. Peter Matejka)
1997 he becomes Monogramista T.D

painter, action artist, creator of objects

Although the author builds on the basis of painting, he works also with less conventional forms of art such as an object, installation, and also with visual poetry. We can find in his work art of action and land art as well. Many events are recorded in photographs. Author deals with the capturing of process, recording of space, time, and sound by visual means. His works are intermedial, minimalist, ecologic and esoteric (inspired by Zen Buddhism), but mostly conceptual. Words and texts play an important role. Author comments and describes reality. Tóth usually responds ironically and smartly to life stimuli.

He uses various templates, registers and other quasi-scientific grading structures, information grids, which modifies in various ways and garnishes them (for example artwork Night Lines).
His actions take place mostly in private settings or in nature. He doesn´t harm nature by his artistic interventions, on the contrary, he listens, cares and protects it.  Ecology and bringing of natural processes to artworks are one of his themes.

The author is represented in the collections of Elmékmúzeum Kassák Lajos, Budapest (Hungary), Fondatione Morra Greco, Torino (Italy), Rottlof Gallery, Karlsruhe (Germany), Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh, (USA).

Selection of individual exhibitions:
2010 Nové Zámky, The Gallery of Arts, Tothalita
2010 Bratislava, Krokus Gallery, Máš na míň! Exhibition project in three acts. (with Tomáš Džadoň)
2007 Trnava, Jan Koniarek Gallery, Monogramista T. D - Not a Word, Not a Thing
2004 Brno, Moravian Gallery, Monogramista T. D: Moving and emergency escapes
1994 Banska Bystrica, State Gallery, EX
1989 Sovinec, Extinction to the Light
1978 Brno, Gallery of Young, Coloring books, Prints, Sheet music
1976 Bratislava, Deposit

Selection of group exhibitions:
2011 Maps, City Gallery of Bratislava
2008 Between Concept and Action, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Torino
2007 Out of Town, City Gallery of Bratislava, Bratislava
1994 Czech + Slovak Photography, The Boston Athenaeum, Boston
1993 Art Cologne, Cologne
1992 Seville, Spain, Expo '92, Call
1992 Bratislava, SNG, photo illumination
1992 Bratislava, Slovak Radio, Hommage a John Cage
1991 Bratislava, House of Arts, the Association of A-R
1990 Tribute to Chalupecký Library of Dr Vacek, Prague
1988 Budapest, Hungary, Kassák Museum Tribute Lajos Kassák
1985 Primera Bienal Internacional de poesia visual, Mexico City
1977 Berlin, Germany, Galerie EP, 26 Slowakische Kuenstler
1975 12 Tschechoslowakische Kunstler, EP Galerie, Berlin National Gallery, Prague, CZ
1970 I. open studio, Bratislava

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