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Milan Dobeš

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(*1929 - Přerov (Czech Republic)

painter, sculptor, printmaker, designer, creator of kinetic and optical objects

1951 - 1956 - graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (prof. L. Čemický, B. Hoffstädter) and the Department of Landscape Painting by prof. D. Milly.

He has always been interested in the decomposition and analysis of the shape and materials caused by reflections of light and he has also been fascinated by changes in nature due to light and weather. The author started with impressionistic views of the city and nature, but gradually inclined to the abstraction and later transferred to constructivism and kinetic art. He analyses shapes from different perspectives cancel the perspective and create relativized image space.

In the early sixties, Dobeš created his first works, inducing an illusion of movement (in cooperation with the personalities of the world op-art as Vasarely, Alviani and others). First, light-kinetic objects and mobiles enhanced with a dimension of sound were also created in this period. In coincidence with contemporary trends, he emphasizes the active participation of the spectator, whose senses and imagination discover new lighting and physical relationships. In collaboration with the AmericanWind Symphony Orchestra, he conducted kinetic performances. Since 2000, he has been creating the so-called grafikáže that are collages of his own graphics.

His work is represented in the collections of many international galleries such as Hudson River Museum in New York, Chicago MoMA, Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires, or the Museum Folkwang Essen. Milan Dobeš Museum in Bratislava presents constructive tendencies in art since 2001.


Selection of individual exhibitions:

1994 Bratislava, Slovak Union of Visual Arts

1990 Wien, Austria, Galerie Mitte

1986 Havana, Cuba, Centre of Czechoslovak Culture

1972 Pittsburgh, USA, Charter Oaks Gallery

1971 Penna (California), USA, Memorial Hall Gallery

1971 New York City, USA, Hudson River Museum

1956 Bratislava, Gallery of Cyprián Majerník (first exhibition of visual and kinetic objects in Slovakia)


Selection of group exhibitions:

1992 Sevilla, Spain, EXPO ´92

1992 Bratislava, SNG, Kassak – Hommage a Kassak 100

1990 Bratislava, GMB, Contemporary Slovak graphic

1988 Budapest, Hungary, Kassák emlékmúzeumban, In Memoriam Lajos Kassák

1977 Venice, Italy, Biennial of Dissent ´77

1970 Osaka, Japan, EXPO ´70

1969 Helsinki, Finland, Ateneumin Taidemsueo, ARS 69

1969 Paris, France, Musée d´art moderne, Salon de Mai

1969 Montevideo, Uruguay, I. Bienal de Escultura al Aire Libre

1968 Kassel, Germany, Documenta IV.

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