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Rudolf Fila

From RFG Collection

2022-11-07 - 2022-12-31

Rudolf Fila
(*1932, Příbram na Morave - † 2015, Bratislava)
painter, graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, teacher, writer
1948 – 1952 School of Art Industry in Brno (prof. Bohdan Lacina)
1952 - 1958 Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (prof. Ján Mudroch)
In the 1960s, he painted abstract structural images with an emphasis on the structure of the painting's mass (Informel). His abstract compositions are characterized by an expressive gesture of the brush, high masses of paint, various plastic surface structures of colored surfaces. Foreign materials, textiles, or flat objects are inserted into high pasty layers. The expressive gesture and broad brush strokes remain present in Fila's painting in the following period as well.
In the 1970s, he moved from an abstract depiction of reality and feelings to a concrete representation, or directly drawing subjects from the history of art and from photographs of details of the human body (so-called bodysuits), which he painted realistically and finally intervened and commented on them with his own expressive painting gesture. The enlarged hyper-realistic details of the images thus acquire an additional dimension thanks to color spots, brush strokes and layering of colors. He also intervenes in books and reproductions of works of art, turning them into new works and giving them new meanings. Also in this way it obscures or reveals the message hidden under the external representation. He mostly does it with humor and irony.
Representation in collections (selection):
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
Gallery of the city of Bratislava, Bratislava
Moravian Gallery, Brno
National Gallery, Prague
Janus Pannonius museum, Pécs
National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro
+ private collections (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Romania, but also the USA)

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