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Marián Mudroch - Camera Obscura or Stagnation of Movement

2014-09-09 - 2014-10-17

Marián Mudroch - Camera Obscura or Stagnation of Movement

Autumn exhibition which will present selection from various artist´s series. Marián Mudroch deals with different qualities of one color - mostly the black. He doesn´t work with this color like the symbol of darkness, but on the contrary, he creates silent and meditative spaces, that become the source of new imagination and new meanings. Author works also with the problem of space in fine arts. He also uses another artworks, well-known from the art history and plays with their interpretations. For the better idea about Marián Mudroch it is important to know that he is really interested also in literature, philosophy, music and science.

Curator: Daniela Čarná

Zámočnícka 8, 811 03 Bratislava   Opening hours: by appointment   cell: +421 918 430 102, email:, web: