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Radovan Čerevka - After Expiration

2015-05-19 - 2015-06-19

Radovan Čerevka - After Expiration

Exhibition will take place thanks to cooperation with Foundation - Center for Contemporary Art.

Radovan Čerevka is the winner of Oskár Čepan Award 2013. 

At his current exhibit After Expiration Radovan Čerevka continues with his previous artistic strategies – reflecting the reality of mass media in the real life of a news consumer. The ecological and environmental themes reappear in the context of his work. The theme of the current war conflict in Ukraine also experiences its comeback into his work, as well as the radicalism of the Islamic State (ISIS). In general, Čerevka is interested in fight and war as a strategy of rule, but transformed through the reality of mass media and its aesthetics of infographics, which in the western context obtains its generalized nature. In the early stages of his career this transformation of information was received through global channels and it was in a position to assume symptomatic aesthetics, which was a part of artistic strategy in the game of „truth“. Nowadays the sense of political and social themes is presented in more detail. The author's aesthetic style is more relaxed, working with the predominant watercolour technique and collage on paper. The exhibit was enriched by expanded positions of painting, e.g. material assemblage, relief and pictoral object. While following the media reality and clash of cultures and changes of the world order, Radovan Čerevka aims for mystifications of meanings. He continuously uses narration of „symbols of ideologies“, alternatively he creates and uses his own signs which resemble already existing symbols, perceived in some cultures as carrying single meaning, while in others as meaningless. In general, author's intelectual work with narration, running only in a specific cultural context, the building of personal armies (in the form of scripts) and visual description of typology of the warriors, all this creates a sense of fantasy-like layering of the first users of video game consoles. It is a type of maintained game for adults, which could exist on the curved line from hobby to obsession. As Johan Huizinga writes in Homo Ludens, „a game does not represent the real life. It has its time and space which prevents the rules of common life.“ The question remains who is capable to state responsibly that it is still just a game, without serious consequences. Therefore Radovan Čerevka presents home-made conspiracy visions of the current war conflicts, which allows him to lead an intelectual dialogue with the foresighted spectator. Please, consume the exhibit prior to the expiration date.

Radovan Čerevka belongs to the first generation of graduates of the Studio of free creativity 3D lead by professor Juraj Bartusz at the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice. He obtained the doctorate at the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Author's strong point is him being known for actively creating and exhibiting while shifting the archaic term of sculpture and even object to the co-existence with the mass dirstribution of media reality.

For Radovan Čerevka the concept work with mass media is characteristic especially in the context of the world, political, economical, humanitarian events conveyed by the news channels. He is interested in the power of „truth“, disseminated globally and received locally. He is able to approach analytically the issue of one's own as well as somebody else's history, he culminates in paradox of ambivalence and truth, shared truth and vanishing minority opinions. Among his previous topics are terrorist and military operations: the attack on Fallujah, the attack on the school in Beslan, the underground smuggling in Gaza, or his interest in the overall political events in Iran and Chechnya. He is a member of the art group Kassaboys. He was awarded by the Oskár Čepan Art Award in 2013 – a prize for an artist under the age of 35. He teaches at the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University in Košice.

Ivana Moncožová, Cuator of the exhibition



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