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Juraj Meliš

Discovering works (1960 - 2013)

2021-10-11 - 2021-10-29

Juraj Meliš

The exhibition presents a cross-section of Juraj Meliš's artistic work from the 1960s to 2013.
The work of the author, who belonged to the representatives of the alternative art scene, is strongly marked by the socially turbulent atmosphere of the period in which he began to create. He first devoted himself to the creation of environments and objects and was one of the first representatives of eco-art in Slovakia. However, it complements the superficial motifs of nature, space and ecology with an intense subjective reaction. He harmonized the use of materials with his concept of anti-aesthetic "plebeian" view of the statue - he works with undemanding, often roughly machined materials and mundane objects (beams, slabs, stones, rusty sheets, nails).
The dominant themes of the author's work are timeless and universal problems such as stupidity, egoism, love and hate presented with humor and irony. Through the sculptural object, he presents social and moral challenges to us. He follows the states of social consciousness and being, the shades of ideology, he also deals with the concepts of freedom, morality and ethics, which figure in his work as "Idea". Its first reliefs are like diary records of life. Later he also created visual poetry as a sculptural interpretation of his own texts. Here, lyrical sentences contrast with the primitivizing rendering of writing. In the 1980s, he came up with a motif of his own death mask, which he portrays in the intentions of controversy, grotesque and self-irony. This will become the dominant feature of his further work.
The author's works are part of the collections of renowned domestic and foreign galleries and universities, for example in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the USA, as well as in private collections in Europe and the USA. He has been exhibiting independently since 1970. He has collaborated on several films (eg The Dragon Returns, The Virgin Miracle). In addition, he has created six graphic albums, which close his big theme "Idea". In 1989 he co-founded the free art association Gerulata

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